Location of the Audit Trail Archives in Analyst® Software

日付: 10/31/2017
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Audit records from Analyst® software accumulate in the Project Audit Trail and Instrument Audit Trail, and these files can create large files that are difficult to navigate and manage. Quantitation Audit Trails typically have a smaller, more manageable number of records.

When the Instrument Audit Trail or a Project Audit Trail reaches 1000 records, a final record stating that the file has been archived is added. The audit trail is automatically saved in the Project Information folder with a name indicating the type of audit trail and the date and time (for example, “PAT-Archive-200209300820.ata”). A new Instrument Audit Trail or Project Audit Trail is created, and the first record of the archived audit trail gives the path.