Configuring Analyst® Software for Email Notification of Audit Trail Events

日付: 12/21/2017
カテゴリー: Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Users can configure the Analyst® software to send an email message if three or more log-on errors occur within one day. This email notification is available only if the workstation's security configuration is in Integrated Mode or Mixed Mode.
The recipient of the email must have access to a valid account on an SMTP-compliant mail server, and the computer with the Analyst software must have access to an SMTP server.

  1. Click View > Audit Trail Manager. The Audit Trail Manager window appears.
  2. In the left pane of the Audit Trail Manager window, right-click, click Options, and
  3. then click E-Mail Notification Settings. The Audit Trail Options dialog appears displaying the Security Mail Settings tab.
  4. Select the Send e-mail message(s) after 3 logon failures within 24hr check box.
  5. In the SMTP Server field, type the name of the SMTP server.
  6. In the Port Number field, type the port number.  The Default button inserts the default port number, 25.
  7. In the To field, type the email address to which you want the message sent (e.g.,
  8. In the From field, type the name you want to appear in the From field of the message. For example, type the name of the computer so that you will know which computer had the log-on failures. The value in the From field cannot include spaces.
  9. In the Subject field, type the subject of the message.
  10. In the Message field, type the body of the message.
  11. To check the configuration, click Send Test Mail.
  12. To save the configuration, click OK.
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