Resolving the Analyst® Software 1.7 Error: Feature Has Expired

日付: 10/28/2020

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Issue Description

After launching Analyst® software 1.7, the following error message appears:

Feature has expired
Expire date: 15-jun-2020
License path: C:\ProgramData\ABSCIEX\Analyst\License\Analyst1.7.lic;
Flexnet licensing error:-10,32

After clicking OK, the error popup screen closes. There is no prompt for a new license code, and the software closes.


This error message indicates that the Analyst™ software 1.7 license has expired. To resolve the issue, the expired trial license file needs to be deleted from the directory, C:\ProgramData\ABSCIEX\Analyst\License. To launch Analyst software again, replace the trial license with a permanent license or a new, unexpired trial license.