eXpress Profiler Patch


Click on the Download link, below, to start the eXpress Profiler Patch installation: (this installation must be started from a web browser on the eXpress Profiler controller)

  • Select "Run", if asked: "Do you want to run or save this file?"
  • Select "Run", if asked: "Do you want to run this software?"
  • Select "Setup" from the eXpress Profiler Patch 2 Installer window.

The installation is complete when the eXpress Profiler Patch 2 Installer window disappears.

Wait about 10 minutes for the installed files to be recognized by the eXpress Profiler software.

eXpress Profiler is now ready for use.

A successful installation will update three files in the following folder on the eXpress Profiler controller:

  • express-web.war 05/24/2012 12:22 PM
  • eXpressProfiler.war 05/24/2012 12:22 PM
  • xp-core.jar 05/24/2012 12:22 PM

The following error will occur if you attempt this installation from a computer without the eXpress Profiler software:
"Installation had error during Update file copy..."


Download Files

Download eXpress Profiler Patch2.exe   (13.3 MB)