WellRED Fluorescent Dye

Long-Life Lasers

The WellRED fluorescent dyes from Beckman Coulter facilitate high sensitivity detection. Excitation of these dyes is achieved with a 650 nm and 750 nm diode laser. These diode lasers have a long life and are inexpensive to maintain. The emissions from these dyes are well separated and are in the infrared when there is less interference from biological materials.

The WellRED dyes are available as dideoxy terminators, ddA, ddC, ddG, and ddT within the GenomeLab™ Dye Terminator Cycle Sequencing (DTCS) Kits, GenomeLab™ SNPStart Primer Extension Kit, or may be purchased as dye-labeled custom oligonucleotides from Proligo.

Additionally, the WellRED Dye-Labeled Phosphoramidites are easily coupled to the 5' end of oligonucleotides using commercial DNA synthesizers.