Starting an Analyst Software Data File (.wiff) with a Space

日付: 05/25/2018
カテゴリー: Clinical , Analyst Software

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Issue Description

Can an Analyst® software data file name start with a space? The answer is yes.

It is not a good practice to start the file name (.wiff) with a space, but Analyst software does allow the user to do that by using the format of "Subfolder name\ Datafile name" in the data column of the batch. 

The potential issue is that Windows does not like this kind of naming, and it will try to remove the space from the name. For instance when the copy/paste function is performed    on those files, the space will be automatically removed by Windows and it won't allow the user to mannually add it back. The problem is once the space is removed you won't be able to review the data in MultiQuant because it will consider the data file missing when the space is gone.



The only way you can put the space back is by using the command line:Start->Programs->Cmd

Type in the following: copy "C:\Analyst Data\Projects\Default\Data\SPE MD 05102017.wiff.scan" "C:\Analyst Data\Projects\Default\Data\ SPE MD 05102017.wiff.scan" /D

Then you can add the space back to the beginning of the name.