Does SCIEX OS Software Have an Equivallent Security Configuration to Analyst® Software's Mixed Mode?

日付: 07/14/2019
カテゴリー: SCIEX OS , Analyst Software

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In Analyst® software, there are three security configuration modes available: Single User, Integrated and Mixed. Are there functional equivalents of all three available in SCIEX OS software? In short, no, there are not.

Currently, SCIEX OS software (even with the CFR license) can only accommodate the equivalent of the Integrated modewhere the user's Windows login correlates with the user's Analyst Security DB login that has been given an assigned role in Analyst software. And of course, Single User mode is available in SCIEX OS software for those users who are not operating in a regulated environment. 

This information is current as of May 6, 2019. 

Posted: Jan 12, 2021

Should be implemented soon, this is a decisive factor against Sciex OS for our company.