Exporting Libraries from MasterView™ Software to a New Computer

日付: 05/14/2019
カテゴリー: MasterView Software

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To use the set of libraries imported into MasterView™ software on another PC – or to switch between two sets of libraries – consider using the command line tools to export the library snapshot.

To do this,

1. Launch the command line (type "CMD" in the search field when selecting the start button in the lower left-hand corner)

2. Change directories to “C:\Program Files\AB SCIEX\LibraryView\LibraryViewFramework\Packager” (or equivalent)

3. Run following command to launch the export options: LibraryViewPackager.exe /e

4. Export the current set of libraries and lists as a new snapshot.

5. Copy this new snapshot to the new PC and import using the icon in MasterView software or run the above command line in the opposite direction: LibraryViewPackager.exe /i

To clear the libraries and start over, save a snapshot of the empty libraries after a fresh installation.