List of CE Capillaries with Pre-burned Detection Windows

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


All CE capillaries with pre-burned detection windows have OD 375 µm

Part #DescriptionCapillary IDTotal lengthLength to windowCoating descriptionPH range
338475Fused-silica, qty 320 µm38 cm25.5 cmNone 
338451Fused-silica, qty 350 µm69.5 cm54.5 cmNone 
338454Fused-silica, qty 375 µm70.5 cm54.5 cmNone 
477477eCAP DNA100 µm74 cm58 cmPolyacrylamide 
477431eCAP Amine 50 µm69.5 cm54.5 cmDynamic amine (poly amine)2-10
477432eCAP Amine75 µm70.5 cm54.5 cmDynamic amine (poly amine) 
477441ProteomeLab Neutral Coated 50 µm69.5 cm54.5 cmPolyacrylamide3-8
477601nCHO Carbohydrate 50 µm80 cm62 cmPVA (polyvinylacrylamide)