Can I Use Windows Experience Enhancers on My SCIEX Acquisition and Processing PCs?

日付: 11/10/2020

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Some SCIEX software users have altered their Windows 10 settings to emulate the Windows Classic settings; in some cases, the Classic Shell or Start10 programs have been installed to accomplish this. These third party applications have not been tested with SCIEX software, and at this time, the installation of these types of Windows accessory programs alongside SCIEX software is unsupported. While the installation of Classic Shell and Start10 programs are some of the primary examples, there are other Windows OS tweaks that have been made to the Windows operating system that have caused SCIEX software to malfunction. Any changes to the custom Windows image created by SCIEX for our acquisition workstations can have negative implications for the proper functioning of our software.

The gist of things is that the custom Windows image that SCIEX sells, supports and installs on the acquisition PCs sold with SCIEX instruments has gone through quite a bit of testing, but the operating system image has not been tested with third party software designed to change how windows operates.

For more information and guidance, please consult our Product Security Guidance page here: